Mathematics in Ancient Egypt


The birth of Mathematical Science is uncertain. If we understand by Mathematics the larationalization of Nature according to the number, its knowledge has been verified for tens of millennia. Thousands of years before any known civilization, bones have been found with incisions that show a knowledge and application of the decimal system; or better still, […]

Society and education in Ancient Egypt


In the first intermediate period, or feudal age (from 2190 to 2040 B.C.), it can be said that there was already an institutionalized education, in which young people were entrusted to a person professionally dedicated to them. But above all to physical education.  According to the above, one of the great phrases of that period […]

Strikes in ancient Egypt


Historians consider that the first strike in history occurred during the time of the New Egyptian Empire, in the reign of Ramses III. There may have been others earlier in this civilization or in Mesopotamia but, undoubtedly, this is the first documented, thanks to the known as Papyrus of the Strike in the Egyptian Museum in Turin. Let’s […]

Funeral Banquets in Ancient Egypt


Did ancient Egyptians have funerals? A Journey to Eternity Funeral banquets soon became an obligatory necessity of the Egyptian burial ceremonial. After the burial, the relatives and relatives of the deceased gathered, probably in the courtyard of his tomb, to celebrate a banquet whose “positive energy” – so to speak – would strengthen the deceased […]

Music in Ancient Egypt


In antiquity the Egyptians used music in diverse daily activities, but it was in the temples and in their ceremonial where it had a more intense development. It is not known exactly how the Egyptian music was, because it was not written, but transmitted orally, but are preserved texts used in some ceremonies, such as those of the cults […]

Egyptian Mythology Stories


All about Egyptian mytholog In 2 minutes TOP CHRONO!!!!! Egyptian mythology is composed of stories and characters that were part of the religion of ancient Egypt, the first civilization known on earth. Much of the folklore involves stories of mortals meeting the major gods of their religion, or stories of how the gods came to create different parts of the natural […]

How hieroglyphics were deciphered


We have already seen how the “Age of the Consuls” attracted the attention of Europagracias to the treasures that flowed into museums and private collections. Curiosity about Egypt was constantly fed back, as the more people talked about the land of the Pharaohs, the more interest developed. Even the “simple” travellers, who collected information on the […]

Animals in Ancient Egypt


The relationship between the ancient Egyptians and the animal kingdom She was close and intense ! Not only were the pharaohs themselves compared with animals that were considered to possess certain characteristics, such as the lion, symbol of strength and majesty, but their deities were represented as human beings with heads or some features of animals, such as Horus, […]

Biography of Ramses II | The last great pharaoh


During the reign of Ramses II, the Egyptian economy, administration, army and culture flourished, and after his death everything would begin to fall, making him the last great pharaoh of Egypt. Ramses 2 Ramses II was one of the most outstanding and remembered rulers of Ancient Egypt. Under his command, flourished and reached the most prestigious […]

Tutankhamun, Full Biography of the Pharaoh


Tutankhamun is one of the best-known Egyptian pharaohs and erroneously taken as the most important. What is the biography of this well-known Egyptian king? One of the most famous pharaohs of all time is undoubtedly Tutankhamun. His reign was short-lived because of his early death, but mystery and legends surround him because of his famous curse. […]