Pyramids of Giza: Everything You Need to Know !


The Giza Plateau is a geological structure dominating the Nile Valley, 25Kms south of Cairo. It is on this plateau that the three famous pyramids, emblems of ancient Egypt, were built. who built these pharaonic monuments in ancient Egypt? The plateau is home to 3 distinct funeral complexes, each with a main pyramid and annexed pyramids. The oldest of the […]

TOP 20 Most Famous Egyptian Gods


Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (For Start, don’t Forget to Add this page to your Bookmark) In the beginning was Atoum, the sun. He had created himself by coming out of the great primordial ocean, the Nun. Then Atum created Shu, the deity of breath, and Tefnut, the deity of moisture. Cabbage separated heaven and earth. Thus were born Nut, goddess of the sky, […]

Astronomy in Ancient Egypt


Their calendar is in my opinion better than that of the Greeks, because […] the cycle of seasons always appears at the same time for them”. Already the Greek Herodotus, the father of history, marveled in the 5th century B.C. at the perfection of the calendar of the ancient Egyptians. Since then the analysis of the calendar […]