Egyptian Beetle/Scarabs: Everythings to know


The Beetle / Scarab of Ancient Egypt It is the cyclical symbol of the sun, it was at the same time a symbol of resurrection. He is the image of the sun that is reborn of itself: God who returns. In Egyptian painting, the beetle carries the enormous ball of the sun between its legs: […]

Egyptian Cross of Life “Ankh”


Ankh cross Many meanings and an unknown history Different people have different religions. Each religion has its own symbols and characteristic signs.Just as the symbol of Christianity became the cross, known in several variants, and before it was a fish sign, the ânkh is also a symbol of Egypt’s ancient religion. Many interpretations of the […]

Eye of Horus


Egyptian Eye, An ancient and powerful symbol The Eye of Horus is one of the most famous symbols of ancient Egypt. Also known as Udjat, this magical symbol is supposed to offer protection, health and rejuvenation. Because of its powerful protective powers, the Eye of Horus was popularly used as amulets by ancient Egyptians, both living and dead. Even today, the Eye of Horus […]

eye of ra


The Eye of Ra, the Divine Feminine Power in Ancient Egypt The Eye of Ra, the divine female power in ancient Egypt? In the Hindu pantheon Mahadevi refers to the great goddess, a sort of sum of all the goddesses (Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Parvati…), a generic term. It is the one with 1,000 names, with […]



Ouroboros is the emblem of the eternal return and cyclical nature of time. Its symbolism is similar to that of the phoenix, which is constantly rising from its ashes. It is a very old symbol, attested in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Europe, the Far East. (Eternity, continuity of life, totality of the universe, dynamic circle, wheel.) Decoding […]

Egyptian Symbols


Ancient Egyptian Symbols, Meaning and History Full of mystery and spirituality, the mythology and culture of the ancient Egyptians are undoubtedly an important part of the history of civilization.  SUMMARY OF EGYPTIAN SYMBOLS : ANKH EYE OF HORUS EYE OF RA OUROBOROS AMEMPTAH or AMENTA BEETLE or EGYPTIAN SCARAB THE DJED PILLAR TYET, THE ISIS KNOT SYMBOL OF KA or “The spirit of […]