Norse statues

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Norse statues can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to home decor, particularly for those interested in Viking culture.

Benefits of buying a Norse statue for home decoration include:

Cultural significance: Norse statues often depict important historical or cultural figures, or represent important values or beliefs in Norse culture. By displaying a Norse statue in your home, you can learn more about the culture and appreciate its rich history and traditions.
Aesthetic appeal: Norse statues are often intricately designed and crafted, with a focus on balance and symmetry. They can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home decor.
Conversation starter: Norse statues can be a unique and interesting conversation piece, and can spark discussions about culture, art, and history with friends and guests.
Historical value: Norse statues can be a reminder of the ancient civilizations and cultures that shaped the world we live in today.
It’s important to note that it’s important to be respectful of the cultural significance of any statue, and to make sure you are purchasing it from a reputable source.

Viking wooden statues Woodcarving in Viking times was very common. It even had a name: treskurd or treskjæring. The Vikings loved to carve the fronts of their houses, temples and halls. You could even find engravings on ships like drakkars. Manufacture of our statues Our statues are made of wood and engraved by hand. Each god having its own symbols and attributes, it is easily possible to recognize them. For example, Odin's statue has two ravens (Hugin and Munin), as well as the symbol of Valknut. We can also recognize him by the fact that he has only one eye. Indeed, Odin exchanged his eye for knowledge and universal wisdom. Once engraved, the statuettes are covered with oil to protect them and to preserve the wood from humidity and time. The size of the statues varies between 15 and 25cm. For example, on the large statues, there is a base on which the name of the god is written. For smaller statues, the name is inscribed on the back. If the statue is not in sotck, our craftsman will make it on request. The creation time can vary between 7 and 10 days. If you wish to receive your statue quickly, you can contact us here to make sure we have it in stock. Nordic ritual altar The Vikings often used special places like forests, trees or rocks as altars. Most often they made votive offerings to obtain the favor of a god. Votive offerings are offerings of objects. This can be jewelry or small wooden creations, weapons or even food. The Vikings could also make animal sacrifices depending on the god to be addressed. For example a sacrifice of goats referred to Thor. Indeed the god of thunder has for acolytes tanngrisnir and tanngnjóstr, two goats that pull his chariot. Decoration with Nordic statues Wooden statues are excellent interior decorations. They can both form an altar when there are several of them, but also serve as a decoration on a shelf or at the entrance of your home.