Summary :

1 – The costume in Ancient Egypt

Costume in Ancient Egypt must above all adapt to a simple consideration: that of being able to dress in a very hot and humid climate, as well as to dress to meet a spiritual requirement of purity – it should not be forgotten that the religious dimension was essential in Ancient Egypt.

2 – Men’s Costume in Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian costume was made of linen. The main piece of the male garment was the shenti, a sort of large rectangle of cloth that was fastened around the loins with a belt, and to which was added around 1500 BC the calasiris, which is a wide, thin tunic held in place by a belt.

Men also wore the soush, which was a kind of large cape that was wrapped around the waist before being draped over the shoulders. Then, around 1425/-1405, the light tunic or sleeved shirt and the pleated petticoat was gradually adopted.

The Egyptian costume of women

As for the women, they were generally dressed with a fitted scabbard, enriched with pearls and covered, from Dynasty 18, with transparent drapes. The dress was quite narrow, even sticky, a sort of sarreau of plain white or ecru cloth for women of low status, a sheath starting under the chest in the upper classes, and held in place by straps tied to the shoulders, sometimes wide enough to cover the breasts, dyed and painted, decorated with various motifs, imitating for example a plumage such as the wings of Isis.

More information about Egyptian costumes

Note: some clothes were mixed, such as the tunic and the dress. Finally, the length of the clothes depended on the social position of the individual.

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