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Norse Mythology StatuesNorse Mythology Statues
Norse Mythology Statues
Sale price$24.90
Small Chinese Kirin StatueSmall Chinese Kirin Statue
Small Chinese Kirin Statue
Sale price$27.75
Silver Virgin Mary StatueSilver Virgin Mary Statue
Silver Virgin Mary Statue
Sale price$19.90
Christ the Redeemer StatueChrist the Redeemer Statue
Christ the Redeemer Statue
Sale price$29.90
Blue Buddha Statue - Blue44458535485597
Blue Buddha Statue
Sale price$24.99
Good Luck Buddha Statue - 15x11cmGood Luck Buddha Statue - 15x11cm
Good Luck Buddha Statue
Sale price$89.90
44458462052509Brass Buddha Statue
Brass Buddha Statue
Sale price$24.90
44458434199709Red Laughing Buddha Statue - CHINA
Red Laughing Buddha Statue
Sale price$24.90
Head Buddha StatueHead Buddha Statue
Head Buddha Statue
Sale priceFrom $44.90

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The similarity of mythologies

On, discover the diversity of deities and recurring themes in global mythologies. Notice the universality of creator gods, climate deities, fertility goddesses, and protectors across cultures. Understand how different peoples have addressed universal mysteries like death, disease, and climate through their deity worship.

Discover the world’s mythologies is a richly illustrated site dedicated to mythologies, religious beliefs and legends of civilizations around the world and their representations in the arts.

The term mythology applies to two distinct concepts:
1) to the set of deities and the legends that concern them, adopted by a tribe or a nation: Greek mythology, Scandinavian mythology, etc. ;
2) to the science of myths, i.e. to the critical research of their origin, their meaning, and their development within a community.

When man's mind seeks reason

Why are humans inclined to believe in deities? Insights lie in the beliefs of simpler cultures. Primitive societies see nature as imbued with spiritual identities, invisible yet ever-present, that can be influenced by shamans or sages. These spirits, often taking human or animal forms, exhibit human-like behaviors – walking, talking, and expressing emotions like anger or joy.

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